Fantastic Plains Reports

Microsoft Dynamics GP reporting is vital aspect of GP implementation and post production ERP help. As for standard mid-size MRP application, you must count on several reporting tools, in particular if you feel about reports genre: monetary reporting, business enterprise processes precise reports, and so forth. Also, when Microsoft incorporated MS SQL Server Reporting Solutions or SRS and type of advisable it more than former tool of the decision – Crystal Reports, you must do your homework on deciding on reporting tool which will do proposed and anticipated job. In this short article we would like to critique big reporting tools for Microsoft Fantastic Plains and give you orientation session:

1. Fantastic Plains ReportWriter or RW. This tool is incorporated into GP Dexterity atmosphere, which means that it performs from the GP user interface and inside Fantastic Plains safety realm. RW is the tools you must appear at very first when you are customizing one thing which you contact from GP interface: Sales Order Processing invoice type, for instance. Do not count on as well substantially from Report Writer, as it has various restrictions: it can function from current GP screens only exactly where parameter sets are predefined by GP current common logic. If you would like to produce custom reports in RW and contact it from GP interface with custom parameter choice type, you will have to produce GP Dexterity customization and contact your report from there

2. Crystal Reports and SRS. These two report design and style tools are competing on the market place and in some characteristics comparable. When you base you GP reporting logic in SQL Stored Procedures, the final report printing could be carried out with the identical achievement from CR and SRS, so it possibly the query which tool is the most comfy for you from your capabilities and expertise. The benefit of SRS and CR is the following – you can produce truly cross-modules and all-nightly report. You must also take into account comparing stored proc more than SQL view, stored process makes it possible for you to submit parameters and produce short-term tables in your SQL script code – these are what you can not do in the SQL views. Nonetheless if you are seeking in the creation of pure monetary reports: Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet and Money Flow – you have to have to hold reading

3. FRx. FRX Report Designer benefit more than Crystal and SRS is the connection to Common Ledger GP interface. In FRx you can also cross organization boundaries and produce consolidated report. FRx makes it possible for you to produce so known as reporting trees, exactly where you can produce report by precise GP segments in several corporations. Plus, FRx give you the hyperlink to Excel worksheet, exactly where you have one thing like little branch accounting information, which you would like to see consolidated with corporate earnings statement

4. Microsoft Excel reporting possibilities. Picture that you recognize the reality that most of your men and women in Accounting division trust to MS Excel only and do not comply with corporate procedures to use complicated tools, such as MS Outlook or even Microsoft CRM. In GP you can simply export information to Excel from Intelligent List or a lot more sophisticated tool – Intelligent List Builder, exactly where you can produce views primarily based you custom SQL expressions

5. SQL Choose statement. If your reporting and information mining and discovery requires are altering every single day, and creation of permanent Crystal Reports is not feasible, and if you have decent SQL programmer and developer in employees, you must take into account ad-hoc SQL scripting with export to Excel to make essential reports. You must be conscious, that if your managers need you to make information warehouses on the day-to-day basis, then you must implement SQL Analytical Solutions with Excel Pivoting tables or Cognos

6. Microsoft Access Reporting selection. If your IT men and women experience covers MS Access, take into account employing ODBC connection to GP database and use Access Reports

7. MS Visual Studio.Net custom programming reports. If you have sturdy C# and VB developers, you must take into account education them in eConnect and then they must be capable to make net reporting applications. In the case if you would like to extend eConnect logic with direct access to GP tables, please critique GP tables structure – Microsoft Dynamics GP->Tools->Resource Description->Tables

8. Archaic DB platforms. If you are nevertheless on GP 7.five and earlier, you could be employing Pervasive SQL Server 2000 or Ctree/Faircom. If this is your case, you have to use one particular of the following tools: MS Access, Crystal Reports (exactly where you are restricted to ODBC driver limitations to cross GP modules restrictions), or GP Dexterity customization. Also if you are on old version you must take into account upgrade if you business enterprise is in active mode – existing version of GP is 10. and you have to use GP migration tool to MS SQL Server version

9. Cross-Platform Reporting. Right here we suggest you to critique very first MS SQL Server linked server idea, also you can take into account comparable tools from Oracle EDI.

10. Generic ERP reporting. If you are on PeopleSoft, Oracle EBusiness Suite, Peachtree, MYOB. Then reporting tool demands homework.

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